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I will be  updating you all on my inspiration for my designs and showing the process i go through to make my pieces.


By katrina lucas, Jul 6 2020 12:14PM

Happy Monday my friends and also happy July. Summer has officially arrived, with it brings the biggest ease in restrictions yet, from bars and hotels opening to hairdressers and spas plus the possibility of going abroad without having to quarantine once you get back. Its been the biggest lift to date which hopefully will give us the biggest lift to our mental health. It’s like a silent promise that yes we are all on the right track to leading a normal life once again.

What does this mean exactly for the summer? Well for me and many others It will mean no longer having to dye my hair (or ask my kids to do it lol) or wear a hat to cover it up. I will feel more glamorous I’m sure once my hairdresser gets her hands on my very untamed mane and with this will be the need to put on some nice summer clothes maybe have a trip out for lunch, anyone with me on this one? To complete the look of course will be jewellery…….

Summer jewellery trends for 2020 is for big and bold (of course if this is not for you, there is always simpler and daintier pieces). The trend is for seashells, coral and pearls plus geometric shapes. This is music to my ears as I love the sea and the beach. When I’m not at the beach I always try to stay connected and best way for me to do this is to wear jewellery which reminds me of beach trips such as coral beads or sea themed pendants. If you are going for that classical look then pearls is you go to.

So my girls are now back after having a week with their grandparents, the house was quiet but just knowing that they were having fun and making special memories for themselves and my folks made it all ok, not to mention having time with my husband. It was strange to have time to be spontaneous again (granted with restrictions of lock down) and it was great……maybe another week before school starts back may be in order lol.

Anyway, that’s all for now, sending lots of virtual love your way.

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Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Jun 29 2020 10:08AM

Happy new week my friends, how was last week for you? Did you enjoy the glorious weather?

I officially finished home schooling and feel very relieved and less stressed, however I now have less excuses for not doing other things lol. We are now allowed to have others in our house (up to 6 people) so for the first time since early March I got to see my folks. We had a great celebration and the kids made more cake lol…. lockdown has not been kind to my waist!

We are now nearing the end of June and the beginning of July, we can see the ease of restrictions lifting and I feel there is general hope that life is starting to feel a bit more normal, do you agree? Lockdown has affected us all in different ways but there are some groups that I think of often, when this time in their lives they should be feeling excitement and hope.

One such group is those that were supposed to be getting married this spring or summer. They have had to cancel their weddings and honeymoons, something they may have been working on for a couple of years. I’m sure they have been working hard on rescheduling and trying not to feel disheartened but I’m sure it’s been hard. This has inspired todays blog. How to choose the right style of jewellery for special occasions………

When we think of special occasions weddings are up there at the top. It is possibly the most organised event of anyone’s life am I right? Even as a guest you spend a long time organising what you are going to wear and how (this is from clothes, shoes, hair and jewellery, there is a lot to organise). Here are a few tips on how to choose the right style.

Most people wear pearls for special occasions. I think we have established after the last few blogs on pearls that they are the most classic of all jewellery. They have been treasured through history and their iridescence is second to none. But what style to wear? Whether its your own wedding of you’re a guest at a wedding or other special occasion here is a few tips for you to consider (these tips are not only for pearl jewellery but can also be for any type of jewellery such as crystal, semi-precious stones or even precious stones!).

If your style is vintage, then heirloom styles are perfect for you such as chokers. If you have a high neckline then either a collar or choker maybe what you need. If you have a deeper neckline then you may want a multi-stranded necklace and if you have a V neckline then a pendant drop may be just perfect. However, if your dress has a lot of detail you may wish to forego the necklace and opt for earrings and or bracelets instead?

Earrings, these I feel are very much a personal choice. Some people like small and simple at all times and others like dangles. If you like the classic look then simple pearl or crystal studs may be all that you need but if you are foregoing your necklace you may want something that packs a bit more of a statement depending on how elaborate your dress is?

Bracelets, if you have short sleeves than I recommend bracelets, again the more elaborate the dress then I suggest smaller and more simpler bracelet, but if your dress is plain then you can multilayer your bracelets or have one big statement piece.

Hair pieces, some dresses speak for themselves and need very little additions to make them stand out. In this case you may decide to forego jewellery altogether and just have it in your hair such as a slide or a tiara?

I have many unique one of a kind pieces available to wear on special occasions such as weddings, if you yourself is planning one or know someone that is then why not tag them so they can have a browse.

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Until next week, stay safe and sending you all lots of virtual love.

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Jun 22 2020 11:53AM

Happy Monday my friends, we are now into summer and I’m just hoping that our summer weather did not come in Spring and that we won’t see it again!

So, I have I have officially finished my last Sunday school prep and this is our last week. I really can not describe how relieved I feel about it all, plus the schools have announced that all will be running as normal come the first of September. I really think my kids are more than ready to spend some time with their friends and I am more than ready to spend some time by myself lol.

This will be my fourth week on pearls….only one left after this (for now anyway lol). This week I want to touch on the different pearl colours and their meanings. I’m sure we are all in agreement now that pearls are beautiful (for me the most beautiful gemstones there are), I love that you get different variations in shape and that their lustre and shine really is amazing but most of all I really love that each individual pearl gives off hues of other colours, they are truly unique.

Our beautiful freshwater and saltwater pearls come in different colours, these colours are associated with different meanings. If you were planning to buy pearls as a special gift then the meaning of the pearl colours may sway you in your purchase or maybe you were looking for a gift with a certain meaning then maybe pearls would be a good place to start looking.

Saltwater pearls come in various colours for example cream, white, rose, green, yellow, grey, black and blue. Freshwater pearls produce the widest spectrum of colours some of the most common colours are white, gold, pink, peach, cream and lavender. Each colour gives off different hues and each individual pearl is unique in its colour, for example you can have white pearls which give off green hues and black pearls which give off grey hues etc.

Here is a breakdown of the colours and their meanings:

White – wisdom and purity.

Gold – wealth and prosperity.

Cream – Success and happiness.

Peach – health and endurance.

Lavender – love and passion.

Pink – kindness and compassion.

Blue – tranquillity and calming.

Silver – organised and focused.

Red – strength and leadership.

Green – generosity and growth.

Brown – elegance and healing.

Black – protection and strength.

Which colour would you choose? Does their meaning help sway which colour you would choose? If the colour you would like does not come naturally you can find dyed pearls on the market so there is no excuse lol. I normally wear cream pearls but I also have a some pink that I wear during the summer. Head on over to my shop to see the different colours of pearls I have available to buy now. If there is a colour you would like but can’t find it in my shop then why not drop me an email and we can see what we can sort out for you.

Well that’s all for this week as always if your following me on IG you will see some behind the scenes work and find out what’s happening daily at the KL jewellery designs head quarters, and if you sign up to my newsletter you will be the first to receive any offers plus find out about new collections, classes and open nights (which I’m hoping won’t be too far away).

Until next week stay safe and sending you all lots of virtual love your way.

Katrina xx

By katrina lucas, Jun 15 2020 08:55AM

Hello and happy Monday my friends, for all of you home schooling are you as excited as I am? This week’s plan is set which means only one more week to plan and execute. I’m not sure I thought I would reach this point lol.

On another happy note, this also means I get to talk pearls for another 15 days! I hope you have been enjoying and learning something new with each post. This week I would like to just give a brief history of how pearls became one of the most sought-after gems in the world…….

The first jewellery discovered contained two beads which were made from shells (approximately between 100,000 – 135,000 years ago) so you can imagine if cultures were using shells for jewellery making then finding pearls seemed like a natural progression?

Pearls have been around for millennia and originally been associated with royalty. They became a symbol of privilege showing status of one’s place in society. They were popular due to their rarity, glamour and exquisite beauty (pearls are born with a natural sheen and do not require any further enhancements). However the price through the years fluctuated according to court fashions in the West and East. A great example of how sought after pearls were to the elite has been witnessed by the sale of a Cartier pearl necklace in the early 1900’s in exchange for the 5th Avenue building the Cartier shop now resides in, in New York City, both had a price tag of one million dollars (today the necklace would only be worth $150,000 approx and I can’t even imagine what price tag the building would have?).

Natural pearls became harder to find due to overfishing and this along with the introduction of cultured pearls, natural pearl fishing had mostly ceased by 1930’s. Although good quality pearls still reach a high price tag today, such as salt water pearl farm, pearls. You can buy even cheaper cultured pearls that have been farmed by the Chinese in freshwater. Coco Chanel also made faux pearls very fashionable and unless you really examine the pearls you can’t tell if they are real or not. There are pearls available today for any budget and so anyone can adorn themselves and feel the glamour of pearls.

Through the history books (plus museums) you would see pearls appear in the elite may it be royalty such as Queen Elizabeth I, or politicians such as Jackie Kennedy and what about Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe? Today you see the same elite wear pearls like Queen Elizabeth II, Michelle Obama and Angelina Jolie. The only difference, is that today it feels like a way in which we can be as glamorous as the elite, a way in which that bridge has been reduced and we are all the same.

Pearls are timeless…they have adapted well to our modern lifestyle and so can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion. Pearls continue to fascinate us and I imagine pearls will be around for many more millennia yet. I imagine my inherited pearls will stay within my family and be worn by the next generation and more.

Its time for me to go now and possibly plan a few more pearl pieces. As always you can see what I’m working on plus any behind the scenes info by following me on IG, also if you want in on any offers and to be the first to find out about what’s coming up make sure to sign up to my newsletter which comes out every Wednesday (you can unsubscribe at any time if its not for you).

So until next week my friends, stay safe and sending lots of virtual love your way.



By katrina lucas, Jun 8 2020 08:24AM

Hello and happy World Ocean Day, I wish I could say I’m typing this while gazing out at our beautiful ocean but I’m not. I’m sitting with the kiddies trying to encourage school work and in between each little win we are logging onto https://worldoceanday.school/ for some fun learning, I urge you to have a look even if there is no kiddies about, it’s great!

This makes todays topic even more relevant …yes you guessed it, the ocean’s treasure….. pearls! I’m loving that June’s birthstone is pearls and that we celebrate World Ocean Day this month is a bonus, as it makes me feel less guilty about all the pearl spam. But hopefully like me you love them and will enjoy todays little bits of information I’m about to give you.

Last week I made two new pearl pieces, if you were following my IG you may have helped in my poll for one of my pieces which was to select the size of my new necklace…options were collar or choker and choker won out. This piece was made using a silver button like central pendant and a silver pearl clasp along with 6mm ivory pearls. My next piece however was very different. It was drop earrings made from filled gold with 3mm round ivory pearls. My question to you today is, do you prefer your pearls mixed with silver or gold? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

People always ask me what filled gold actually is and just incase you missed it before I want to give a brief explanation. Gold filled is a thick layer of gold chemically bonded onto a base metal (usually sterling silver), this is different from gold plated which is just a thin layer. The advantage of gold filled is that it is longer lasting and more durable. I want to provide you my customers with an affordable classic, long lasting quality jewellery and this allows me to do this with gold.

The last thing I want to help with, is how to store your pearls………….

Firstly they should be worn as much as possible not only because they look good and go with any outfit – yes really, even jeans, but also because they come from living creatures and so benefit from absorbing our natural oils. However, they should be the last item on and that means before make-up, hairspray and perfume as the chemicals can damage the lustre. They should also be the first item off and cleaned with a soft cloth to remove any dirt, chemicals etc and then should be stored in a soft cloth or pouch so they don’t get scraped by other items. They should not be put away in airtight packaging as pearls need moisture to keep their lustre looking great.

Well that’s it for this week my new items should be uploaded onto my shop page this week so please have a look especially if you are in need of buying for a June birthday or are just looking to treat yourself. As always if you want to be the first to find out about my offers and what is happening don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter which comes out on Wednesdays. If you follow me on IG you will get daily updates and some behind the scenes clips.

Until next time, stay safe and sending lots of virtual love your way.

Katrina xx

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