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How to say I love you this Valentine’s with sustainable gifts!

Welcome my friends to the month of Love! I can’t express how glad I am to leave January behind and start looking forward to February and the early signs of spring. I am going to try and embrace this month with lots of love and hopefully outdoor walks to see the new life in our gardens.

Last year my February Valentine’s blog was well received so this year I’m going to try and write such a blog but adjusted to our Covid 19 lifestyle!

How to really impress with your Valentine’s gifts this year without spending too much and buying gifts that are not wasteful! So what is too much? Well it’s all relative to you and your partner but here I’m going to do it on a budget of approximately £100 . You don’t need to buy it all, but hopefully you will get ideas about how to narrow down you gift.

Last year, I wrote about how to impress for a night out. Well unless there is some miracle there will be no night out for those of us living in the UK (unless you are super hardy and are going to chance an outdoor picnic to stargaze (brrrr- although I do think this too would be lovely, in say the summer time?). So this year we are going to look at those nights in. I have to say this is probably more my fantasy right now so I’m assuming others like me will appreciate this (especially mothers with younger children who are finding it hard getting any alone time right now).

I’m gonna set the scene….It’s Valentine’s Day morning (Sunday). You have prepared the room the night before for your loved one (it doesn’t have to be much – cleaned the table for breakfast, tidied a little and set the gift/gifts out with you card, maybe some heart paper bunting to give it the love feeling). Now for the gifts….

This years gifts are all about relaxing and feeling great.

Top of my list is an ethical relaxing bathroom set from

This luxurious kit includes: 1 Aphrodite & Ares vegan soap with certified organic shea butter, 1 organic cotton extra fine muslin cloth, 1 exfoliating soap bag, 1 botanical bath infusion with dead sea salts and flowers., 1 hand-poured vegan candle with wooden wick.

This kit is £29.90 and there is the option to get a note added. The reason I like this kit is because there is everything you need to have a relaxing bath including a candle. However, there are lots of other gift ideas from this company so maybe take some time and check them out.

What will make this gift even more appreciated is a quiet house to feel relaxed in, so if you have kids I suggest taking them for a nature walk …. This will give you extra brownie points and is free!

If your partner has lots of pampering bath products then may I suggest splashing out on a luxurious candle. I have used ones from Calm Candles London before myself and love them. They are vegan friendly and use recyclable packaging. They have a new addition which I haven’t tried but hopefully I will soon, why not check it out? It has free deliver too, it is called Calm ‘Be Happy’ and costs £26.95

For after that lovely bath, wouldn’t it be nice to wrap up in some new ethical lounge wear? I think so!

This may be harder for me to give suggestions, as we all have our own loungewear ideas, so you’re on your own with this one, however I have supplied two companies that offer different ethical materials used in the production of their clothes. Price varies on pieces so it will depend on your budget what you might buy.

Last but not least, to add that little bit of sparkle (yes we still need to sparkle when at home…it’s uplifting!), a piece of jewellery. May I suggest a pair of heart stud earrings? Made from recycled fine silver from my own collection costing £25. They are small but classic and glamorous. If you are looking for something a little bigger then do check out my All Heart Collection here. You will find small collar necklaces from £49 and Larger heart necklaces too.

Add a lovely home cooked meal or takeaway with a bottle of your favourite tipple then settle down to watch a movie….#perfectday

Just picture your partner feeling very chilled, relaxed and glowing after that. Knowing you helped her feel this during this crazy pandemic will be such a great feeling and also knowing that you have bought ethical products is a win win! Go You!

I hope you got some good gift ideas for the Valentine’s Day we are all spending indoors this year, it doesn’t have to be depressing just different!

This blog has ben about your partner buying for you but what if you just treated yourself? Hear me out. My husband and I don’t do Valentine’s gifts (however, we do buy the girls….crazy right!), we do normally sit down once the girls are tucked up and have a bottle of something and watch a movie (this is nice, I’m not complaining). But I have found this year hard and we are only entering Feb, so I have promised myself I will show myself some love. I’m going to indulge in a bath or two (with my calm by the ocean candle from plus buy myself new loungewear (long overdue) and make myself a new piece of jewellery to add to my sparkle! How will you show yourself some love this February, the month of Love? Let me know in the comments below!

Well, that’s all for this week, if you would like to follow me on IG to find out what KL jewellery designs gets up to and some behind the scenes shots then click here. If you would like to be the first to find out about any offers and new collections that are coming your way then please do sign up to my newsletter (bottom of the page).

Until next week, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle.

Katrina xx


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