Hearts are a symbol of love, not just for romantically involved partners but between family and friends too. A heart with wings is said to symbolize love for freedom to maintain one's will and individuality.


This flying heart choker has a red CZ as red is the colour of love. So this is the perfect necklace to give your free spirited love one or if your buying for yourself it will help remind you of your individuality. This is the perfect necklace for any outfit.

Flying Heart Choker

SKU: 096
  • The flying heart is centre in this choker, it is finished to give a high polish, it weighs 1.5g and measures approximately 21x6mm at maximum dimensions. The chain length is 15 ½ -inches making it sit approximately on your collar bone. But also has a 1-inch extension chain (which has a little heart at the end) in case you need a little extra length. The flying heart is made from recycled fine silver and is attached to the sterling silver chain with sterling silver jump rings.