Delicate pearl threads…


These little delicate pearl threads have been inspired by beautiful sunny weather and the need to feel glamorous with a classic style. The beauty of these thread earrings is that they are delicate which is perfect for warm summer days and you can adjust the length to suit yourself. The movement from the pearl is very gentle just like a summer breeze and the gold is sure to catch the light from the sun and give off the perfect shine, while the pearl glows.

The gold really helps bring out the cream and pink hues of these gorgeous fresh water round ivory pearls. The gold mixed with the pearls is a timeless combination. These earring would be ideal for both day time and night time. 

Gold pearl thread earrings

SKU: 116
  • The gold thread is approximately 8.9cm in length (you can adjust the length to suit your needs) and there is 1 beautiful freshwater round ivory pearl on the end of each earring measuring 2-3mm with the most glorious lustre. Their movement is very gentle, just like a summers breeze.

    All gold wire is gold filled.