Have you ever wanted to stand under a waterfall?


I’ve never actually stood beside a waterfall and felt little drops on my face. This is on my bucket list. But I have been near waterfalls and instantly I feel happy and free not sure if this is the affect of the cascading water or its sound, but it truly is a happy place. This feeling inspired these gold earrings, of course I had to add the freshwater pearl at the end, a symbol of how precious and magical our waters are.

These truly are classically elegant earrings, can you imagine them swish by as you walk, reminding you of their inspiration? I can see these earrings being worn very casually or adding sparkle to that evening outfit. Only one pair made.

Gold Waterfall Pearl Earrings

SKU: 0075
  • Each earring is made from gold filled, and 3mm freshwater pearls. There are three different lengths of chain giving the waterfall effect then an ivory freshwater pearl at the end. From the top of the ear stud to the longest pearl is 5.6cm in length.