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This colour reminds me of spring, and did you know it is seen as the colour of luck, freshness and renewal.


This piece of sea glass has been beautifully weathered and shaped by the ocean waves, it's heart shape is unique and perfect for the ocean lover!

I like to believe that not only does sea glass help you stay connected to the sea, but also, each piece of sea glass stores up energy from its time in the sea and that every time you wear a piece, some of that energy is transferred to you.

Heart Of The Ocean Necklace

SKU: 197
  • Silver is recycled (both chain and pendant).

    18 inch chain with sea glass measuring approximately4 x 2.9 cm at its maximum dimensions.

    Seafoam sea glass  is 2/4 in the rarity scale and comes from late 1800s/early 1900s soda, mineral water, baking soda, ink bottles, and mason jars.

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