I never feel blue when I’m at the sea but I always see blue.

This is my most unusual combination of sea glass pieces yet. I struggle to find blue pieces on our shores but ontop of that this has been the only piece of blue sea pottery I have ever found, on one side its cobalt blue with a black stripe but when you turn it over it has a very pale sky blue colour. I couldn’t wait to match it with some sea glass and to date it is my only piece of jewellery with sea pottery in it. To get the feeling of the different deep sea colours I have paired it with both a cobalt piece of sea glass and a dark cobalt blue piece, the affect is breath taking, I love the frosted look on both the sea glass and sea pottery.


This is definitely a piece for someone who loves the sea blues and wants to always feel connected to the sea. Pair it with jeans and a crisp white top to get the full affect.

Sea Blue

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    Cobalt blue is 2.5 out of 4 on the rarity scale, late 1800’s-1950’s medicine, perfume and poison bottles, insulators, art glass, cosmetics jars, medicinal eye wash cups, polling pins. Dark cobalt blue is 3 out of 4 on the rarity scale, origin from 1800’s-1950s medicine and poison bottles, art glass, medical eye wash cups, rolling pins.


    Central sea pottery is open back and front so see both colours on each side plus feel its smoothness, it measures approximately 1.1cmx1cm at maximum dimensions. When it is on its dark blue face the cobalt blue sea glass is to its left. This piece of sea glass to is open front and back to let light shine through and to let your skin feel the smoothness of the sea glass, it measures approximately 1.3cmx0.8cm at maximum dimensions and it is encased in recycled fine silver. To the right of the dark blue sea pottery face the dark cobalt blue sea glass sits to its right and it measures approximately 0.9cmx1cm at maximum dimensions, it too is open front and back to allow for light and skin contact with the smooth sea glass, it is also encased in recycled fine silver. The total length of the pendant is approximately 6cm and total weight is 3.1g. Each piece is connected by sterling silver rings and attached to a sterling silver chain.

    Total length of full necklace is 19 inches.