This beautiful handmade silver sea glass necklace is triangular in shape and has what appears to be claw marks (three in total) etched on the surface. There are some grains of sand stuck in between each of the three lines. Imagine what stories this piece holds? Could it have been broken off from its original bottle by some mysterious sea creature? Where has each of those grains of sand been?


This feels like my most romantic find to date. I've found it hard to part with, but it is better shared with others than lying in my sea glass box, don't you agree? 


It's beautiful light teal gray colour gives me tropical vibes, helping with relaxation add to that its smoothness and you add calmness. However after many years being tumbled in the waves it has plenty of stored up energy waiting to give you strength when needed.


This stunning piece will definitely become a conversation starter. The perfect piece to wear casually or dressed up.

As with most of my sea glass pieces it is open front and back so you can feel the smoothness of the glass and let it be comforting on your skin.

Sea Claws

SKU: 113
  • The recycled sea glass is encased in recycled fine silver and the pendant is approximately 3.3cm (from tip of jumpring to base of pendant) x 1.8cm at its maximum dimensions. It hangs on a 18 inch sterling silver chain by a sterling silver jump ring.


    This is the perfect necklace for a lover of the beach/ocean. It will help keep you connected, grounded, calm and give you strength when needed.

    It would be your perfect companion on a beach trip and would look right at home dressed casually or in your little black dress.

    Light teal grey rates 2.5 out of 4 in the rarity scale. It comes from bottles such as late18oos/early 1900’s mineral water, ink bottles, mason jars.