The mystery of seahorses has always intrigued me….


Seahorses are a mystery don’t you think? For example…male seahorses carry and give birth to the babies, however they are in decline due to the destruction of their habitat. I just love their shape, plus how they swim upright not to mention how they use their tails to help stop them from being carried away by the current by wrapping it around the grasses and coral. When I saw this irregular piece of sea glass I automatically thought of seahorses not sure if it was because of the ridges or just its shape after being tumbled for many years and its deep cobalt blue colour help give this creation his name, I can just imagine the stormy sea and the seahorse holding on tight to the sea grass!


Beautiful Stormy hangs on a chain of aquamarine (birthstone of March) chips which help bring out the true blue colour of the sea glass. The catch is a simple sterling silver lobster clasp with a little sterling silver tassel which helps imagine the sea grass used during seahorses survival. Stormy is made from sterling silver and the sea glass is held in place by using recycled fine silver. Unlike my other pieces the back of the sea glass is not visible, I did this to keep the darkness of the sea glass colour and to enhance the mood.


This is a statement necklace and will be a talking point no matter where its worn. There will be no mistake in that the wearer is a sea lover and promotes protecting our oceans.


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    The sea glass is approximately 1.8cmx1.0cm at maximum dimensions, Stormy is approximately 6cmx2.5cm at maximum dimensions and the total weight of Stormy and the aquamarine chips is 34.5g.