Pale aquamarine sea glass reminds me of calm summer days at the beach. So when I held these pieces of sea glass together I knew they had to become earring pairs.  Their shapes remind me of coastal Islands hence their name.


During those hot days when you have your suncream on, necklaces aren't really an option, so I always opt for statement earrings.  These earrings are just that! A beautiful statement of your love for the sea and all it stands for. These earrings will also look amazing on that night out when your wearing your dressy clothes! They will be a talking point!



As with my other pieces of sea glass I have left the front and back open so the light can shine through, can you imagine how they will sparkle. 

The Islands

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  • The recycled sea glass earrings are encased in recycled fine silver and measure approximately 4.2cm (tip of ear wire to bottom) x 1.5cm (widest earring) at its maximum dimensions. The sea glass is attached to recycled sterling silver wire making them 100% recycled earrings. 

    Pale aquamarine sea glass is 2/4 on the rarity scale and comes from glassware, soda bottles, mason jars etc.