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  • One of a kind pieces
    I only make one of each item in my shop unless the description says otherwise. I want you to know that the item you are buying is unique to you and that you will not find anyone else wearing the same piece. This comes from my belief we are all unique and should embrace it as much as possible.
  • Can I commission a piece of jewellery?
    Absolutely, If you like my style of making but can’t see exactly what you like. Why not email me at and see if together we can create the right piece of jewellery perfect for you.
  • How do I care for my jewellery?
    Silver does tarnish over time by oxidation, this can add to the look of your jewellery however not everyone likes this look. If you are wanting the sparkle back in your jewellery, then why not use the silver polishing cloth supplied with your jewellery? This is a quick fix and so easy to do just before you wear your jewellery. If you would like me to re-polish your jewellery then all you have to do is post out your piece and include a prepaid envelope inside (I suggest recorded), drop me an email to expect it at and I will polish it for free. Here is a few handy tips for storing and wearing your jewellery…. -Try and store jewellery in an airtight container which is most free. -It should always be the last thing you put on – even after perfume and the first thing you take off. -Do not wear it swimming or in the shower.
  • How do I care for pearls?
    Firstly they should be worn as much as possible not only because they look good and go with any outfit – yes really, even jeans, but also because they come from living creatures and so benefit from absorbing our natural oils. However, they should be the last item on and that means before make-up, hairspray and perfume as the chemicals can damage the lustre. They should also be the first item off and cleaned with a soft cloth to remove any dirt, chemicals etc and then should be stored in a soft cloth or pouch so they don’t get scraped by other items. They should not be put away in airtight packaging as pearls need moisture to keep their lustre looking great.
  • How long will delivery take?
    Standard UK delivery with Royal mail is 2-4 working days. If you have chosen special delivery for a UK address then it will be 1-2 working days. For international deliveries with Royal mail and your national delivery service may take longer.
  • Do you deliver internationally?
    Yes indeed, I use Royal Mail to deliver worldwide from £5. Delivery times vary from country to country.
  • Can I track my delivery?
    If you have chosen special delivery then I will supply you with the tracking number for your purchase. For all UK standard posting a signature will be required. European standard will not require signature or will not be provided with a tracking number.
  • Where is my order?
    For UK orders please allow up to 5 working days after your email dispatch notice before contacting me and for international customers please allow up to 14 working days. If your order still has not arrived please email me at and I will find out what’s happened to it. UK Delivery I unfortunately cannot refund or replace lost items until 20 working days after the date of dispatch (30 days for international items) as this is when the Royal Mail classes items as being lost.
  • How do I return an item?
    No worries if you changed your mind. You can return your item up to 30 days after you have received them. Items must be in the same condition as you received them and in the original packaging. Unfortunately due to hygiene reasons I cannot refund or exchange earrings. Custom orders can also not be returned. This does not in any way affect your statutory rights. Email for details on return address. You are responsible for return postage costs and secure packing of the jewellery. I recommend getting a tracked postage so you have proof of return and can chase its location if needed. If returns involve a custom charge, this will be deducted from final payment. Refund will be paid on the same day as the returned jewellery is received.
  • Help! I have a faulty item.
    All jewellery is checked by myself before leaving the studio, however occasionally a fault may occur or your jewellery may get damaged in the post. If this happens then please email me at to let me know as soon as possible. My aim will be to repair or replace the jewellery free of charge.
  • What is it?
    Fine silver is also known as pure silver as it is 99.9% silver. This grade of silver is also used to make bullion bars for trading and investment.
  • How is it made?
    I buy fine silver in a clay form which is a combination of recycled silver, ground and mixed with a chemical binder plus water. Once I have made the jewellery, I then fire it in a kiln which removes the binder and leaves only 99.9% silver.
  • What is it?
    Sea glass is recycled glass that is manmade and has found its way into the ocean. This glass over time has been physically and chemically weathered by the salt water. The results is frosted glass with smooth round, edges. It can take a long time in the ocean for sea glass to look like this, maybe twenty plus years.
  • Where do you find sea glass?
    Sea glass is found washed up on the beach. I collect sea glass from the North Atlantic way and the Irish sea.
  • What colours of sea glass do you find?
    Colour of sea glass is determined by its original source. Most of the pieces of glass in our oceans comes from bottles but you can also find glass from glasses, windows, headlights etc. The most common colours are green, brown, white and clear. Some of the rarest colours are pink, teal, black. As plastic was discovered the amount of glass in our oceans is decreasing and is thought that it will be harder to find in the future.
  • Where do you find sea pottery?
    You can also find sea pottery washed up on our beaches which has also be weathered and shaped by the salt water. It’s not as easy to find as sea glass and it can be difficult to find pieces of colour and pattern.
  • What is hallmarking?
    Hallmarking is the mark which is applied to precious metals (platinum, gold, palladium or silver). This mark shows that the metal has been independently tested giving you the confidence that the metal you are purchasing conforms to all legal standards of purity and fineness. It is the oldest form of consumer protection in the UK.
  • Are all pieces hallmarked?
    For each precious metal there is a guideline for when hallmarking is legally required. For silver, if the weight of a single piece is 7.78g then that item must be hallmarked. You can also hallmark items below this weight.
  • Does KL jewellery designs hallmark jewellery?
    Yes I have my own makers stamp which is at the Birmingham Assay Office. All single pieces which are 7.78g or heavier are hallmarked, however I also have some pieces which are lighter also hallmarked. Along with the KL stamp there will also be a stamp for fine silver which is 999, the Birmingham Assay stamp and the year it has been stamped.
  • What is memorial jewellery?
    We know that losing a loved one is very difficult and our aim is to let you keep a little bit of them with you always, so you can feel connected forever, using the ashes of your loved one. We do this by embedding the ashes into silver jewellery, where it will stay forever.
  • What type of jewellery can I put the ashes into?
    We offer silver pendants which you can wear as a chain or bracelet, silver rings and keyrings.
  • Can you put ashes with resin?
    We don't put ashes into resin as it is a plastic and will wear away over time. By combining the ashes directly with the silver this will never happen.
  • Once I have picked my design, what's next?
    Once you have picked your design, you click add to basket and buy. You will then get an email with further instructions such as…. Post out your ashes to us (only a small teaspoon is needed) in a sealed either small jar or sealed bag, with your details, such as name and any relevant details. You will be asked details such as would you like texture to be added to your design? Do you need the length of your chain altered?
  • How will I know you have received my ashes?
    Once we have received your ashes, we will send you an email confirming and a txt or phone call if you wish. We also suggest you post via tracked with Royal Mail to ensure safe delivery.
  • Can you send me out a pack to post you out our ashes?
    We do have packs which you can purchase, inside they will contain a small container for you to put the ashes into. You can reuse this box. We will post it out by recorded delivery and suggest that is how you return it to ensure safe delivery.
  • How long will it take to make my memorial jewellery?
    Once we receive your ashes in the post, we aim to have your jewellery in the post to you within three weeks (but hopefully sooner).
  • Why may it take three weeks for my jewellery to be made and posted?
    Every order we receive gets our full attention. We only work on one order at a time, this helps to make sure that there is no mix up with ashes and that your jewellery gets our full love and care. Depending on how many orders we have received will depend on how long it will take for delivery.
  • Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
    You can get a refund if we haven't started making your jewellery. Once we start making your jewellery the first stage is to embed your ashes into the silver and once this process has begun, we cannot reverse it.
  • Can I ask for a design that isn't in your shop?
    We are open to discussing your designs with you and hope we can make it a reality. Either send us an email so we can set up a call or give us a call directly.
  • Will my jewellery be hallmarked?
    Once a silver item weighs 7.79g then is must be hallmarked. Most of the pendants will not exceed this weight and therefore not be hallmarked. However, some of the larger size rings will need to be hallmarked (KL jewellery designs is registered at the Birmingham Assay Office).
  • Can I choose to get my jewellery hallmarked?
    You can choose to get your jewellery hallmarked. This will delay your jewellery for approximately two weeks (depending on the assay office) and will come at an extra charge.
  • What happens if I need to cancel a jewellery class.
    If you need to cancel a class, that is no problem as long as we have 48 hours notice, otherwise you loose your spot.
  • If I cancel a jewellery class, can I rebook into another class?
    As long as you have given us 48 hours notice, you can rebook into another class. Just send us an email with the new class details you would like to attend and we will get that transferred. If your new class is more expensive then you will have an extra bill to pay before the class starts.
  • Do you offer refunds on jewellery classes?
    We do not offer refunds on jewellery classes. However if you would like to exchange the value of the jewellery class for a voucher to spend in our jewellery shop, this is possible.
  • What is it?
    Gold filled metal is 1-3 layers of gold mechanically bonded to base metal such as jewellery brass or sterling silver.
  • How is it different from gold plated?
    Gold plated is a miniscule layer of gold applied to a brass base. Estimations for the total weight of gold for gold plated is 0.05% whereas gold filled legally has to be 0.5% of the total weight. Gold plating can wear off quickly but all gold in gold filled jewellery is on the outside protecting it from every day wear and tarnish.
  • Why do you use gold filled?
    I use gold filled as the quality is incredibly good, the gold layer lasts a lifetime but yet it is cheaper than gold. This helps me keep my price more affordable to you my customers but also give you the quality of gold jewellery and it’s classic look.
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