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What is memorial jewellery

Memorial Jewellery

Create a special memory by commissioning KL Jewellery Designs to incorporate the ashes of your loved one into a handcrafted piece of silver jewellery.

Because the core of our philosophy is to respect each customer as an individual, you can trust KL Jewellery Designs to handle the remains of your loved one with the utmost of care and sensitivity.

The touch of a pendant hanging close to your heart or the embrace of a ring wrapped around a finger creates a bond that cannot be broken.

One client said that the silver piece was a fitting tribute to the energy and warmth of their loved one.

Ashes from a family member, friend or pet can be made into a range of jewellery styles that evoke special memories. Only a small amount of ashes are needed, leaving you free to choose other ways to remember your loved one. 

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Silver memorial jewellery with ashes

How To Order

You can order directly here at our memorial jewellery shop.

Browse the different options and choose which one you prefer.

Once you have ordered,  post out the ashes directly to my studio.


If you have any questions, why not drop me an email or give me a call.


If you like the designs and style of my jewellery but would like something a little bit different, why not get in touch and see if we can give you the design you would like.


Click here to get in touch.

memorial ashes silver rope ring
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