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All my love and more.....sometimes it is hard to express how much we love someone. 


One heart for this pendant isn't enough, nor is two and if I'm being honest I would have attached more if I thought it wouldn't have looked over crowded at three! 


The bottom heart is textured with bubbles and polished to a high shine, the second heart is left smooth and with a matt finish, then the final heart has a lovely little texture and polished with a high finish again. The mixture in finish, adds to the overall affect.

To finish this pendant off, I've added my unique bail in which a lovely heavy sterling silver 18inch chain goes through. 


This is a statement piece of jewellery! Perfect for declaring your love!

All My Love And More Necklace

SKU: 194
  • This pendant weighs 7g and measures approximately 28x26mm at maximum dimensions. It is made using recycled fine silver and the 18 inch chain is made from recycled sterling silver.

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