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Do you have memories of those sunny days driving to the beach as a child? That’s what this piece of sea glass reminds me of.


This is a beautiful piece of pale-yellow sea glass. It is rated 3 out of 4 on the rarity scale for sea glass, its origin is from various types or art glass “sun glass”. This colour is also a very unusual find for me so I knew I wanted to make it into something special.


As with my other pieces of sea glass I have left the front and back open so the light can shine through and with the added bonus that you can feel this lovely frosted smooth glass on your skin giving a very comforting feeling. This is the perfect beach jewellery and will forever hold the memories of our childhood and driving to the beach.

Driving to the Beach

SKU: 0076
  • Only one available, please only select one from the quantity box, thank you.


    The recycled sea glass is encased in recycled fine silver and measures approximately 2.6cm x 2.5cm at its maximum dimensions. It rests on a sterling silver road of approximated 4.5cm. In total the pendant weighs 4.8g and hangs on a 18inch sterling silver chain.

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