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Mermaid Tears are treasures of the heart. And so they must be treasured as they are filled with love!


'Eye Of The Storm' was inspired by a mermaid rescuing her human love one fateful stormy night!

The band is made from recycled sterling silver with the centre piece recycled 9ct gold. Cobalt blue rish sea glass was used. It has been hand shaped with the surface keeping its original texture. 


Size M

Other sizes can be made to order, with other Irish sea glass colour options available. Just fill in the contact form.

Eye Of The Storm

SKU: 179
  • Made with recycled sterling silver and recycled gold. Size M with the centre being approximately 5mm in diameter and weighs approximately 1.5g.

    Hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay office giving you the reasurrance of the quality of materials used.

    Cobalt blue sea glass is 2.5/4 on the rarity scale and comes from late 1800s-1950s medicine, perfume and poison bottles, insulators, various types of art glass, cosmetics jars, medical eye wash cups, rolling pins.


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