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Beautiful handmade locally sourced sea glass earrings made using recycled silver. The shape and colour of these pieces remind me of moss pebbles you see while walking along the sea shore.


These little pebbles have a sterling silver backing with an area cut out below the ear lobe to let the light shine thorough. The surface of the sea glass is frosted and smooth to the touch and I do recommend rubbing them as the feel is very relaxing and comforting. I believe this is transferred energy from their many years being tumbled in the waves! 

Green Sea Pebble Stud Earrings

SKU: 140
  • The recycled sea glass earrings are encased in recycled fine silver with a sterling silver backing and measure approximately 2cm x 1cm. The ear posts are also made from recycled silver.

    Green sea glass is 1/4 on the rarity scale and comes from mass produced beer and soda bottles from 1950's to present day.

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