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As a child did you ever collect leaves? Green ones, orange ones red and brown? I used to have many stuffed into my pockets (I don’t want to think about the bugs that must have been in there too), my kids are now doing the same, only they are collected in bags lol. 



This beautiful recycled fine silver maple leaf pendant brings me back to those days. The pattern reminds me of ponds also from my childhood, it catches the light in unusual ways giving the pendant an array of colours.


Did you know that maple leaves symbolise balance, promise, generosity and intelligence...why would you not collect these or want to wear one around your neck as a reminder and as a way to keep you connected to those memories?


This will look amazing with any outfit and is the perfect gift for the outdoors lover who wants to always feel close to nature. Only one made.


SKU: 0027
  • The back of the leaf is hallmarked with the KL jewellery designs stamp from the Birmingham assay office (giving you reassurance of the quality of the silver), it weighs 5.7grams and is approx. 1 inch is size. It comes with an 18 inch sterling silver chain.

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