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She sells, sea shells by the sea shore.

Oh the memories!

I think most of us will remember a time were we spent our beach time collecting shells and bringing them home, scattering them around the house. Or a time at school seeing who can say the famous tongue twister the fastest without messing it up.

Sea shells bring back so many memories, memories which I am now reliving with my daughters.

She sells, sea shells by the sea shore.......................


This little sea shell was handmade by myself using a mould i made from a seashell i had from my own collection. It's made from recycled fine silver and finished to a high shine. It will look perfect on the beach but also with that little black dress.

Sea Shell Necklace

SKU: 212
  • Silver is recycled (both chain and pendant).

    18 inch chain with sea shell measuring approximately 1.3 x 0.8 cm at its maximum dimensions and weighing 1.3g.

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