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There are some experiences in life that are definitely better shared. That is the inspiration behind this piece, shared experiences and knowing you have someone that is there with you. It doesn't need to be your life long partner, family member or friend, sometimes it can be someone passing through your life for a short time! I chose to represent this with Whales as they take a very long migratory route which leaves them very vulnerable to predators.


This handmade pendant is made using recycled silver and and also hangs on a recycled silver chain. 


This will look amazing with any outfit and is the perfect sustainable gift for the ocean lover.

Let's Swim Together

SKU: 139
  • These little whales weigh approxmatley 1.2g and the maximum dimensions of the pendant is 1.8cm x 1.1cm. They hang on an 18 inch chain made from recycled silver.

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