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Summer Adventures Are Here!

You’re off to great places….

Hey friends, its Monday again and all I can think of is the adventures we normally have this time of year. For a lot of us we take that trip abroad, maybe its because of the guaranteed sunshine and heat or just to discover a new place and culture. For some of us we stay within our own Country and discover its treasures and for some we stay at home and visit local landmarks. For many of us, this year will probably be doing one of the latter two. But does that mean we won’t be going to great places and having amazing adventures….gosh I hope not!

We didn’t have any plans for the summer (normally the kids do lots of summer schemes doing activities they don’t normally get to do but would love to do) …we had booked a day trip to Harry Potter world in March that got cancelled then a week at a beach so they could take surfing lessons (also cancelled) so I feel like we are kinda over the disappointment now of not getting away.

But after the hard work of home schooling I want to get out there, for us to feel like we have been adventuring and give the girls memories of the great places they have visited during their summer holidays (try and wipe the home schooling memories lol). We are now in luck as places are reopening and we can discover our local landmarks that maybe got overlooked for other activities. We have some of the best coastline in the UK which brings with it amazing places to visit with diverse activities for young children. For our adventuring this year I want to keep it as basic as possible and keep with getting to know your environment….becoming land detectives. Discovering what habitats we find, new bird species, collect lots of leaves and lets not forget local myths and legends. I’m hoping that by doing this we all have a greater appreciation for the environment we live in which will help us come up with even more ideas about leading a greener life.

Our great places to visit this year is the great outdoors of NI. Where will yours be?

Ok so todays blog was a little off the beaten track…my aim was to talk about jewellery that will work when visiting great places this summer, but I realised most people will be like me this year and keeping it local with their children potentially adventuring in the rain and muck. However, its been trips like these that have inspired my nature collection…getting back to nature. I hope like me you end up with a greater appreciation for what’s on our doorstep and would like to keep these memories and feelings alive.

If you want to check out what designs I came up with after my outdoor trips with my family then just click on the link below. Also If you want to keep up to date with new collections, classes and offers then sign up to my newsletter (10% off on initial signup).

Until next week, stay safe and sending lots of virtual love your way.

Katrina xx


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