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How I Clean My Sea Glass

Although you probably don't think about it, but sea glass is covered in sand and maybe even seaweed (I try and make sure I don't take the seaweed home) when I collect it (makes sense right?), it certainly isn't shiny, unless I find it underwater. So how do I get my sea glass clean from all the sand and debris that has attached itself to it?

Well, it's simple really, firstly I put it all in a sieve and run it under the tap. I then put it all in a basin with a tiny drop of fairy liquid and cool water, this tends to clean up most pieces and take away the stench (yes, the sea glass can have a bad smell when a large number have been collected together and been sitting for a while), I then let it dry on kitchen roll. Some pieces will have a fair bit of moss on them and to be honest I just leave them as I love the colour but if you wanted you could try and take it off with a cloth.

Now this next part is optional and for me just depends on the piece of sea glass and design. If the piece is too frosted looking for you, you can remove this by using a tiny drop of oil on a cloth (any type of oil - I use extra virgin olive oil but you could even use baby oil), sometimes using this on half of a piece can give a nice contrast.

Lots of people love to have the sea glass as found, with just the minimal of cleaning, as they feel any alteration of the sea glass my takeaway from the piece and also interfere with the energy stored up within the sea glass after its many years of being tumbled in the waves!

If you clean your sea glass a different way, I’d love to hear about it. I’d also like to know your thoughts on treating the sea glass with oil to take away the frosted appearance, does it bother you? Or are you happy that these little gems will always have the energy of the sea no matter what you do to it?

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Until my next blog, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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