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Best Handmade Bridal Jewellery

Happy July, my friends. It actually feels like summer here. The sun may not be out every day but it is warm and we haven’t had any major rain/wind storms. And to make it feel even more like summer I passed a bridal car carrying a beautiful bride the other day, I also noticed our local florist is now closed on Saturdays as they are flat out with weddings. Then while at my hairdressers last week she asked if I could make a bridal jewellery book for her clients.

Weddings are back! There is something so very uplifting about Weddings. I think it’s not only the romance of a love story but also the promise of two new lives becoming one, a new future (lets face it we are all hoping for a fresh new future right now) together!

For most people when getting married it is all about the dress, but for me it was the jewellery – more specifically my wedding ring. My poor husband to be had to visit many a jewellery store before I found the perfect one, which was all the way down in Galway (this was before I discovered the joy of jewellery making). Needless to say 13 years later I have no doubt he would not be so accommodating lol.

For some, jewellery is an afterthought and can end up being quite stressful to find the perfect piece to fit your style of wedding dress if left to the last minute. I urge you to go and start looking for your jewellery once you have picked your dress as the style of the dress such as your neckline or the design on your dress will dictate what you buy i.e will you need a necklace? If so how long will it need to be and how sparkly?

Here are a few of my top picks for wedding jewellery……

Deborah K Designs, I love this shop as you can get everything a bride needs for her special day here. Bespoke headpieces and jewellery can be bought to compliment your dress. You have the added bonus of being able to try them on altogether at the same time during your fittings.

If you are looking for a more high end look then there are a lot of jewellers to choose from but a local favourite of mine which also sells lots of handmade jewellers work is Steensons Contemporary jewellery designs, handcrafted in Nothern Ireland, engagement and wedding rings (

I also love Lauren May Jewellers as you can get some really unusual designs here.

If you are eco-conscious and looking for handmade sustainable jewellery then check out my collections. You will find pearl jewellery with recycled silver plus recycled local sea glass jewellery just in case you are planning a beach wedding!

Fancy Making your own wedding jewellery?.....

If you are interested in making your own wedding rings then you can do so in different parts of the UK/Ireland. I have picked one here based in my local city of Belfast. You get a full day experience in the studio where you both sit down with your designer and pick a style then help to make your ring. Afterwards you get to relax in a local restaurant and go home with a cd of your fun packed day. To enquire further contact Ember, the wedding ring studio Wedding ring studio Belfast (

Maybe you would like to make your own bridal jewellery or have your bridesmaids make theirs in a fun afternoon party? Then you can do this with myself at

If making your own wedding jewellery isn’t for you but you would like a say in the design then why not get in touch and see if we can come up with the perfect design for you and your dress.

Well I hope I have steered you in the right direction for all your wedding jewellery needs. If not please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any further questions. I’d be happy to help!

That is all for this week folks, I hope you enjoyed and will tune in next week for some more jewellery chat. If you can’t wait that long and would like to be part of my FB group ‘For the love of Jewellery with Katrina Lucas’ which is full of jewellery conversations then you can do so here. Or if you would like to see what happens here daily then please do follow me on IG here. To be the first to know about any offers or new collections then sign up to my newsletter (bottom of the page) you get 10% off as a thank you and can unsubscribe at any time if it’s not for you.

Until next week, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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