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Best jewellery FB groups

Hello and happy Monday my friends. Before I was a jewellery maker I was (still am) a major lover of all things jewellery.

Just anything jewellery to be honest, I love fine jewellery to fun jewellery made from unusual items, it doesn’t matter I just love it all! I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across jewellery classes in Birmingham which is where my jewellery story began. When we decided to move back to Belfast the next step was to set up my own jewellery business which included classes. The classes is what helped to keep the jewellery banter alive, I got to met lots of like minded people and the craic was always great. However Covid came along and put a stop to my classes, so I looked to social media to get my fix.

I struggled to find groups that was only about the love of jewellery, one that focused less about the selling of jewellery or jewellery techniques and concentrated more on the love of all things jewellery.

So I’ve put myself outta my comfort zone and started up my own FB group which is all about the love of jewellery, this group is a safe place to interact and just chat about jewellery, what ever type of jewellery chat you want, may it be about what is trending at present or styles that you love or how to mix your jewellery with fashion, what jewellery you like to wear on holidays (if we ever get to go on holidays again) maybe or maybe you have come across some new way to clean your jewellery that works amazingly well and you would like to share it? Maybe you would like to share brands that you have discovered that have great designs or business ethos? What ever you want to talk about I want to hear about it. If you are interested in joining click here I look forward to seeing you there and having great jewellery chat!

However if you are a jewellery maker and you are looking for tips, techniques and supplies then here are two options for you to check out (there are more out there this is not an exhaustive list)….

Jewellers academy (run by Jessica Rose from the jewellers academy), this is a great group for the jewellery maker if you have any questions about technique and want to show your pieces for constructive feedback. Jessica is also doing a sell your unwanted tools or supplies bi-weekly.

Making jewellery (making jewellery channel), this is another group for the jewellery maker, in this group you get to see videos, tips and lots of supplies which you can buy. I think they may also have a day in which you can showcase your own creations.

Well that is all for today folks. I hope you will go and check out these groups and find one which suits you and your love of jewellery. If you want to keep up to date with what is happening here at KL jewellery designs then do follow us on IG here. If you are keen to be the first to hear about any new collections coming soon or any discounts then please do sign up for my newsletter (bottom of the page), you get 10% off on sign up as a thank you. Also did you know you can download my app? On either your mobile or tablet? All you have to do is go into my website on either of these and you should be offered to download it. Once downloaded you will be notified as soon as I have added new pieces on to my website shop (this is great as I only ever add one of each piece) and when add to my blog/journal!

Until next week stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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