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Mermaid Tears

Have you ever herd of Mermaid Tears and wondered what they are or how they got their name?

Mermaids, mermaid jewellery, sea glass jewellery, recycled jewellery
Photo by Bruce Christianson, Unsplash

Let’s start with the Myth……

This myth has been retold in many ways and you will most likely recognise similarities with Disney’s The Little Mermaid. This myth unfortunately doesn’t have the happy ever after ending we are used to!

One stormy night a schooner was in trouble. The rain was beating down so heavily its sails were ripping, the waves were so high they were taking on a lot of water and the crew were struggling to keep control of the boat.

Mermaid myths, mermaid jewellery, sustainable jewellery
Photo by Torsten Dederichs, Unsplash

A beautiful, powerful mermaid was swimming beside it, watching to see if it and its crew needed protection. She knew this boat well as she had been swimming alongside it for many years in which time she fell in love with the captain. This was forbidden, both falling for humans and using her powers to help them. When the boat got into difficulty, she couldn’t watch her captain die so she used her powers to control the wind and calm the waves. Due to her act of kindness the boat and its crew all survived. However, this was disrespectful to Neptune (God of the Sea) and his rules. He was not forgiving, the mermaid was banished to the bottom of the sea never to return to the surface again.

Mermaid, mermaid jewellery, ethical jewellery
Photo by Colin Lloyd, Unsplash

She has been weeping tears ever since, tears of sea glass and pearls (depending on which story you read), in various colours that match her shimmering tail. Each one is carried by the waves to the shore and is full of her love. If you should be lucky enough to find a piece you must treasure and keep it close.

‘Mermaid’s Tears’ are either sea glass or pearls. I love both. Sea glass for the fact that it has been dumped into the ocean by ourselves and the sea has worked its magic on each piece and turned it into beautiful gems. It has taken many years (possibly hundreds) for each piece before it reaches the shore. Think of the energy that has been absorbed by each piece and how it can keep you connected.

sea glass beach, sea  glass jewellery, handmade jewellery
Photo by Joshua Sortino, Unsplash

I love pearls not only because they are timeless glamour and so very elegant or that they look different on each person due to their iridescence and each individual’s skin colour. But also, because they are the only gem made from a living creature, turning a problem into solution, in the form of a very beautiful solution.

Mermaid Tears, Pearl Jewellery
Photo by Dagmara Dombrovska, Unsplash.

Tell me, after knowing the story, would you rather wear jewellery called ‘Mermaid Tears’ or would you prefer it to be called sea glass or pearls? Does the name affect how you feel about these treasures from the sea?

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Until next time, stay safe and always sparkle.

Katrina x


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