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The Salty Sea and Sea Glass Hunting

Life is fast moving and recently there has been lots of changes which have felt challenging, mix this with the cost-of-living increases and the need for calmness and serenity is important.

I am a Thalassophile, I love the sea, the smell of the salty air (not even the smell of decomposing seaweed can put me off lol) makes me feel a sense of calm and my shoulders start to go down, before I know it, I’m feeling relaxed. I can zone out here, listen to the sound of the waves and forget my stresses of everyday life.

When I’m in the water I truly feel like I’m living my best life, moving through the waves, chatting with other thalassophiles (you know who you are), it is here I am present and connected. It is this that I miss when back at my everyday life, running from one thing to the next.

The need to keep this connection is very important and I’m so lucky I have found this in sea glass. Have you ever walked along the beach and seen these little treasures (now a very real pass time of mine), but not really knowing what they are and the power they hold? Each little bit of sea glass has a story (if only they could talk), they have spent many years being tossed in the waves absorbing its energy and being shaped into beautiful, frosted gems (aka mermaid tears). They are smooth to touch and offer calmness when needed. Imagine being able to keep this connection with you every day, especially when you are away from the see for any length of time. This is how my sea glass jewellery collection was born, I started noticing these gems of the sea and collected them. At first, I would fill little pots and make sea glass art, but what I loved the most was having a piece in my pocket (soon became every pocket) so I could rub it. This progressed to jewellery, I found by making the sea glass into a pendant I could rub it anytime I wanted and the feel of it on my skin was very comforting. I like to think that the energy of the sea is stored inside and releases itself to its wearer, most of all it brings me that connection that I need!

If you would like your very own piece of the sea, then why not check out my sea glass collection here.

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Thanks for reading.

Stay connected and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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