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Make self-care a priority in 2021!

Hello my friends and a massive Happy New Year to you all. I’ve had lots of jewellery ideas for today’s blog but it suddenly hit me as I was doing my planning for the year (yes that’s right the year…check me out lol) I realised that I was putting my wellbeing after my business. I always do this, but after the year we have just come out of I’ve realised that I need to be putting myself first. So, I went back to my planner and have adjusted things a little.

Once a month I will be taking the day off – fully off, I won’t even log onto social media. What will I do on those days I hear you ask? Well I’m thinking I will be in need of a hair appointment or a spa treatment. But I won’t be able to treat myself like this every month, so on other months I will go for a long walk either locally or drive to the beach or mountains (none of this may appeal to you, so just think about the things that help you shut off). I also appreciate that not everyone will be able to take a full day off but if you can fit in a good solid block of time just for you, I think you will feel the difference, it's worth a try right?

What about the rest of the days? I was thinking that every day I will try to take 30 minutes to myself (I may not always be able to take a full 30 minutes but that will be my aim), on these days I will plan to have a cuppa outside in the garden (weather permitting) away from the computer, bench and of course the house (and all that needs doing in there). Making time for a bath sounds bliss or just closing my eyes with some very relaxing music on the background.

Last but not least…..actually I’m afraid to plan this next one, just in case restrictions don’t lift for a long time yet, but I would love to maybe plan to visit family or meet with a friend for a cuppa after doing the school drop off!

My aim for taking all this time out is that hopefully I will feel more relaxed and therefore feel more energy towards all the different areas of my life. Let me know what you think, is this something you feel you could be doing yourself? Have you any other suggestions or do you think I’m super optimistic and unrealistic (let me know in the comments below)? I have actually scheduled all this me time in my diary for the next few months (if you don't schedule it in, you might not do it), I will let you know how I get on.

Well that’s all for this week, I will be back again next week, but until then if you would like to see what happens here daily then please do follow me on IG and if you would like to be the first to hear about new collections or offers then please do sign up for my newsletter.

Until next week, stay safe and keep communicating.

Katrina xx


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