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My top 5 Valentine's Day gifts...

Hello and happy Monday my friends. How has the month of Love started off for you?

The girls and I decided to leave some tulips at the door of a couple of elderly neighbours last week. I have to say it felt nice. Now we are trying to think of something nice to do this week? Any suggestions?

When I was younger, we never really celebrated Valentine’s day. I wasn’t one of the popular kids that got left any gifts at school by a secret admirer and I never gave any myself. How different is the world today! At the start I used to think it strange that my kids love it so much. Mollie say’s it’s her favourite time of the year! We put bunting up, do some heart crafts and there is a lot of talk about love.

This year I am very grateful for it. It has been tough this last year and talking about love definitely makes you smile. So this year let’s do Valentine’s (all of February) differently. Let’s not focus on just buying for partners but focus on ourselves as well and those around us. Let’s make ourselves and others smile.

I haven’t seen my folks since the start of November last year (due to restrictions and distance), so last week I sent them a card, flowers and a couple of other goodies (maybe your thinking I should have done this sooner and I think you are probably right). Have you got anyone in mind? Is there someone out there that could do with a smile right now?

If you’re thinking yes and you are looking for some inspiration here are my top 5 jewellery picks that will help tell that person they are not alone, you are here. Every time they wear it, they will always be reminded of this moment, how they felt and that you are there too!

If you are looking to drop some hints for yourself then share this post to them via FB or IG along with this Quote (if that isn’t a great excuse to be bought jewellery instead of chocolate then I don’t know what is lol)…..

My top picks are…….

Heart studs, these are cute, subtle and classy. Suitable for all!

Cross my heart dangles. These are for those that like more statement earrings, like to feel them move to the rhythm of their footsteps. Every time these earrings move, they will help remind, that you are loved.

Flying heart necklace. This is another one of my subtle pieces. This necklace sits nicely on the collar bones not getting in the way of anything. This piece tells the person you love, that you love them for who they are and that you want them to achieve their dreams. You are encouraging them to spread their wings!

My next two pieces are not from my all heart collection but great Valentine’s gifts for the Sea Lover (like myself).

‘Sail away with me’, this piece is saying you want them with you for now and forever. Where ever life may take you. Let’s do it together.

Last (but not least) is a sea glass piece which is light teal blue in colour and shaped as a heart (well I think so). I love sea glass as not only is it super calming to rub as it’s so smooth but I feel that all the years of being tumbled in the sea it has absorbed all this energy and is being transferred to those who wear it. It is transferring strength!

These are my top five picks but you may choose differently, so don’t take my word on it, browse my collections. Most of my pieces are made using recycled silver and sterling silver so when you buy from me you are buying a sustainable gift.

Well, that is all for this week, I hope you enjoyed today’s post and got some great ideas. If you would like to see daily updates at KL jewellery designs then follow me on IG here. If you would like to be the first to know about new offers and collections then please do sign up for my newsletter, you get 10% off your first order.

Until next week, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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