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Are You Summer Ready?

Happy Monday my friends.

It feels like summer, I’m sitting inside (not for long) and it’s 20oc outside, the sun is shinning and I have a dress on! What is even better is that the weather forecast is looking pretty similar for the rest of the week (and hopefully until the end of summer)! What a great week for it as the restaurants have only opened up again here last week so I’m sure they will be glad as it will encourage more people to come outside and socialise (responsibly of course)!

Are you ready? I still have all my winter clothes in my drawers so I plan to switch them out for my summer clothes and get my sandals out too! I have lots of lovely summer dresses which is great for going out to pubs and restaurants but life has changed since last year and I’m wondering do I have enough outdoor adventure wear? As a family we have become more outdoorsy than before so I need to invest in some clothes that can cover that too!

If you are in need of that versatile dress…you know the one that takes you from being on the beach with your kids to maybe an evening meal out then check out this company buys it’s clothes from tailors in Jaipur and Goa and ensures they have good working conditions and healthy wages (above top picture)!

If you need more active wear for maybe some forest/mountain trails then why not check out they have you covered for yoga and cycling plus lounge/underwear too. Their fabrics are selected for their sustainable properties so good for the planet (above bottom picture)!

What about that extra sparkle we love to have during the summer? Well, I have you covered for that. My sustainable recycled silver jewellery is inspired by nature and your adventures but yet feminine! I always suggest if you have sun cream on then earrings are your go to so you can keep your necklaces away from any chemicals and keep them sparkling for longer….. shop my jewellery collections here

Well that’s all for this week folks…for more jewellery chat, tune in next week!

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Until next week, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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