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What is Glamour?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Happy Monday my friends, what’s on your agenda this week?

My husband and I will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary on Friday. The excitement levels from the girls is hilarious (potentially there is a lesson in there for my husband and I), they are planning decorations (all handmade or old and pre-used), cake, then dinner lol but lets not forget the most important and that is glamour.

They have already decided what dress and jewellery I will be wearing and my husband will of course be in his suit. They too will be wearing dresses and jewellery plus a fancy hairstyle (depending on what I can achieve lol). I don’t mind this at all as it’s a distraction for them and they will always remember it, but it got me thinking……What is Glamour?

I’ve always been a lover of ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’ it’s the timeless look which is a very fine balance between looking sophisticated, feminine and flawless all at once.

It’s not a true reflection on life even back then, it’s a romantic illusion made by Hollywood to help sell movies. I love the idea of it ….for me it’s about escapism from real life which we all need to do every now and again. I have to say I’m not sure I have ever achieved this look myself but sometimes I feel it (which is the most important thing), like when I’m making my classic pearl jewellery I’m totally imagining maybe Marilyn Monroe wearing it or when my husband and I have date day/night (not as often these days).

Glamour to my kids is something different. To them it’s about sparkle and fun. They are at an age where they don’t see flaws. They see getting dressed up, doing your hair, playing about with makeup and adding jewellery as a completely glamorous thing to do, the actual look doesn’t really come into it. It’s about the process and how it makes us feel on the inside which ultimately shows on the outside too. Kids have a lot to teach us.

What does Glamour mean to you? Are you old style or modern? I think I’m a bit of both really.

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Until next week take care and stay safe.

Katrina xx


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