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How to commission unique jewellery

Hello my friends and happy Monday.

Today I want to chat to you all about commissioning a piece of jewellery. Not everyone is aware that you don’t have to buy off the shelf (or web shop), there are other options out there. Have you ever had an idea of a piece of jewellery that you would like but never found it? Or maybe it is a special occasion and you would like something that signifies that, it maybe a milestone for yourself or a loved one. Perhaps you have been out adventuring and found some lovely treasure like sea glass and would like to keep this treasure with you always close to your heart so you can keep the memories alive (sea glass are my most popular commissions -I also have lots of sea glass for you to choose from). Then commissioning a piece of jewellery is for you.

I want to let you know how easy it is to commission your own jewellery…..

First thing is to get in touch, you will not be obligated to commit to anything, but it may help you decide if this is indeed the process you would like to go down. From this we can either have a video chat, a phone call or if an email conversation is your thing then that is how we will do it, whichever is most comfortable for you.

I will take you through your ideas and discuss what you would like the piece to signify, what you want it to say, what emotion do you want to have from the piece.

By the end of it hopefully we will have designed a piece that you will be happy with and we can work together.

My most common question is how long will it take to make. Mostly it depends on the design but the average is approximately two weeks once the design is finalised.

A commissioned piece of jewellery is unique and very special indeed. If it is going to be a gift this shows how much you have thought about the person and love them. Did you also know you are buying a sustainable gift? One of the reasons I love jewellery is because it will last our lifetime and beyond. It can be handed down through the generations. Even if the next generation doesn’t like the design it can be melted own and reshaped into a design they like, it does not go to waste and it means they have created a new memory and story. Did you know that silver does not lose any of it great qualities during this process? Therefore, I use recycled silver as much as possible plus it is helping to reduce the effects of mining and the affects it has on our environment.

That is all for today folks. If you are interested in following me daily then check out my IG account here and Fackbook page here and if you want to be the first to hear about offers or new collections then sign up for my newsletter, you also get 10%off your first order.

Until next time, stay safe and keep communicating.

Katrina xx


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