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Stocking Filler Time...

Happy December my friends, as I write today’s blog I am looking out into a frosty garden and the air looks thick as if it might snow, a day for the fire and staying indoors I think!

I have been going over all the gifts I’ve bought and what I've left to buy. I have been pleasantly surprised to find out that I am down to stocking fillers. How about you?

I'm sure you can now guess how I came up with today's blog ..... here is some stocking filler ideas:

For the kids……

I can remember as a child getting stud earrings every Christmas so of course I have a few suggestions for this, how about my little heart studs, let your little one feel the love with these or how about some little butterfly ones so she is always reminded of the importance of transformation, growth and hope.

How about a necklace which offers a change every day? I don’t remember as a child always wanting to change my jewellery but I do notice it with my kids, in fairness it could be because of the world we live in today, it is all about having more. With this in mind I made a couple of suede necklaces which have three charms to switch out every day depending on their mood! They are inspired by nature and made from recycled fine silver.

For the adults……

My husband has always continued where Santa left off and I get a piece of jewellery or a jewelled bag or maybe a book on jewellery. I love this as it shows he knows me well. So for those of you that like a little jewellery like me here is my suggestions…

Subtle stud earrings like my hummingbirds will make you smile when you wear them or if you are a fern lover I have the most amazing fern studs the fronds come out of the earrings and you can run your fingers along them (I do love these).

Maybe after the year we have had subtle is too understate for you and you want a bit of sparkle, then I have you covered there, I have some vintage style earring that will give you that glamorous feel!

Earrings are not the only items that can go into a stocking filler! Why not check out my necklace range, there are lots of items for the sea lover, nature lover, vintage lover or a piece just to show you love someone.

Please do have a browse through my collections (don't forget your cuppa) and see if you can find the perfect stocking filler for the jewellery lover.

That is all for today, I will be back next week with another Christmas themed blog. Until then stay safe and enjoy the festivities.

Katrina xx


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