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SUMMERS HERE! What's trending right now?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Happy Monday my friends and also happy July. Summer has officially arrived, with it brings the biggest ease in restrictions yet, from bars and hotels opening to hairdressers and spas plus the possibility of going abroad without having to quarantine once you get back. Its been the biggest lift to date which hopefully will give us the biggest lift to our mental health. It’s like a silent promise that yes we are all on the right track to leading a normal life once again.

What does this mean exactly for the summer?

Well for me and many others It will mean no longer having to dye my hair (or ask my kids to do it lol) or wear a hat to cover it up. I will feel more glamorous I’m sure once my hairdresser gets her hands on my very untamed mane and with this will be the need to put on some nice summer clothes maybe have a trip out for lunch, anyone with me on this one? To complete the look of course will be jewellery…….

Summer jewellery trends for 2020 is for big and bold (of course if this is not for you, there is always simpler and daintier pieces). The trend is for seashells, coral and pearls plus geometric shapes. This is music to my ears as I love the sea and the beach. When I’m not at the beach I always try to stay connected and best way for me to do this is to wear jewellery which reminds me of beach trips such as coral beads or sea themed pendants. If you are going for that classical look then pearls is you go to.

So my girls are now back after having a week with their grandparents, the house was quiet but just knowing that they were having fun and making special memories for themselves and my folks made it all ok, not to mention having time with my husband. It was strange to have time to be spontaneous again (granted with restrictions of lock down) and it was great……maybe another week before school starts back may be in order lol.

Anyway, that’s all for now, sending lots of virtual love your way.

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Katrina xx


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