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How to buy Eco-friendly gifts this Christmas?

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Welcome to my eco-friendly gift ideas blog, for 2020. This blog is a little different than others out there which lists actual gifts, mine is more of helping guide which tells you what you are looking out for when wanting to purchase eco-friendly gifts. Allowing you to decide if your purchase is the best environmentally version of this product that you can buy.

I started my eco-friendly journey in earnest this year during lockdown (the first lockdown). Covid really opened my eyes into the impact we as humans are having on the planet. I feel that as individuals we can do our part.

Christmas is such an amazing time of year, we put lights on anything that stands still, both inside and out. We spend lots of time shopping for gifts for those we love and buying extravagant wrapping to make it all look so magical. Plus, we tend to spend more time meeting family and friends, so we tend to look our best at this time of the year as well (bonus for me). But a lot of this comes at a price with regards to wastage and over production.

I made a conscious decision that this year I would try extremely hard to try and make the best eco-friendly decisions regarding my purchases this Christmas (throughout the year too). I found a quote from 2019 stating that 85% of British consumers are affected by the sustainability label on the packaging. So, what does this mean? Well I think it means different things to different people and covers a wide variety of ways in which you can be eco-friendly………


What does fair trade mean?

Fairtrade is movement where the producers in developing countries are treated more fairly via the transactions of their sales – higher prices to help sustain a better quality of life and help improve social and environmental standards. I have only recently discussed this with my kids, they were horrified that this needed to be a consideration anywhere in the world. They now recognise the Fairtrade sign or know what questions to ask when looking at brands and they can tell you some shops that already practice it…below is a couple examples.

Monsoon – Clothing -

Mumanu – skincare -

You may not think about Fairtrade when it comes to doing your normal grocery shopping but you would be surprised how many items that we consume on a daily basis that is from developing countries, such as coffee, chocolate, flowers, herbs and spices etc. So when you are out shopping look for the Fairtrade packets. Chains that I know do this well are the CO-OP, Marks and Spencers, Tesco, I’m sure most of them do have a wide selection so always check your label. If you click on the links above do read their stories, they are inspiring!

Products made using organic materials, recycled materials or materials that can be recycled.

Before this year I didn’t realise how non-organic materials were making their impact on the environment. I think for me, ideally I want to try and buy products made from recycled material and which can then be recycled itself afterwards. This is not as readily available for every product as you would think, so for now I have to make the best choice that is available to me at the time.

Rapanui – clothing -

Timberland – shoes -

KL jewellery designs – recycled silver jewellery -

Wearth London – ethical homeware -

Companies that give back to the environment.

Some companies maybe not be able to use environmentally friendly materials/techniques just yet but that doesn’t mean that they are not conscious of the environmental impact that their company has on the environment. They may choose to give back by trying to neutralise their carbon footprint via helping to build forests, they may help improve communities in developing countries or other positive impact changes to our planet and communities. I love this! So if you are buying a product but can’t see any obvious eco-friendly benefit I dare you to ask the question ‘ how is your company giving back?’ you may be surprised and impressed by what you hear. For example, I have signed up to Ecologi which is planting a forest for KL jewellery designs and gives back to communities. I do hope that as my company grows I will be able to donate money to more local projects as well.

I think it is great that we are becoming more aware when purchasing and questioning if this product is the right choice or if there is a more environmentally friendly option out there. Every little helps!

I hope you got some good ideas from this list today and it has helped with your Christmas shopping or shopping in general going forward.

If you want to know more about eco-friendly gift wrapping then you can read my previous post here, or if you want to read about how to buy the perfect waste free gift then click here.

Well this is last of my Christmas eco-friendly blogs, however I do hope to be back in 2021 with some new fresh eco-friendly ideas for daily living. I really hope you have enjoyed these blogs and got some useful tips.

Until next week stay safe and don’t forget if you wish to follow me daily then you can do this on IG or if you wish to be the first to hear about any offers (like my 12 days of Christmas offers which starts on the 1st of Dec and only available to my newsletter list) then do sign up for my newsletter.

Katrina x


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