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What does your jewellery say about you?

Happy Monday my friends, It’s the kids first full week at school here and life really does feel more normal, it’s been great to get them back and for me to get back into my studio. Is life feeling more normal for you?

We are now up and out of the house early walking to school and you can definitely feel autumn in the air. Do you feel it? The air is crisp and fresh, it won’t be long before we will be layering up our clothes, wearing boots and either kicking the fallen leaves as we walk through them and/or splashing in the puddles (wellies a must for this lol). These are all things I am looking forward to, how about you?

This has got me thinking about my autumn wardrobe and jewellery, the different styles that is out there, plus what it says about us.

After all you can tell a lot about a person from how they dress and what type of jewellery they wear.

Are you a costume jewellery lover? Is it bright, big and beautiful? Then It’s likely you are cheerful fun and a happy, social person.

Are you a matching jewellery set kinda person? Do you wear the same colour of jewellery (silver or gold)? Then I think it’s likely your organised, responsible and possibly neat.

Do you wear handmade jewellery, jewellery with natural elements and eco-friendly? Then it’s likely you are a nature lover with a taste for adventure.

Is antique jewellery your style? If so I’d say you’re a romantic who loves stories and history.

What about classical, elegant jewellery? It goes with every outfit, right? It shows you have traditional values and classical jewellery always gives your outfit that finishing touch.

How about the simple and sophisticated look? Your jewellery is thin and not layered or bold. This look says maybe your relaxed, balanced and comfortable not someone who gets stressed out easily.

Lets talk minimalist…is this you? Do you wear modern jewellery, this may be shiny (not blingy) mixed medias but not bold or overstated? Then I think you are a thoughtful person who loves new designs and learning.

So for myself I like a bit of everything but my go to jewellery on a daily basis I think is my handmade jewellery, when I’m going on date day or dressing up to go out with the girls I’m definitely a classical jewellery girl but you will find at least one piece of handmade jewellery on me too, whether it be a piece of my own or a piece I have purchased from another designer.

What about you, what does your jewellery say about you? Do you fit into just one category or do you fit into a few or none at all? Do you agree with my interpretations of what jewellery says about you? I would really love to know in the comments below.

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Until next week,

Katrina xx


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