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Best jewellery organisers....

Happy mid May my friends, I’ve been sorting out my jewellery and thought it was time to investigate jewellery storage boxes. There are so many different ways to store your jewellery. I personally have lots of different styles of jewellery boxes and I even remember my childhood boxes. The girls have quite a collection between them as well (but my favourites are the ones which Santa brought one year, Mollie’s has mermaids and Maisie’s has fairies on the boxes as their design, but on the front they have a plaque which says ‘Always Sparkle’).

You can get jewellery storage which is ideal for your bedside locker, as you can place your jewellery in at bedtime then just put it straight back on again in the morning (ideal for jewellery you wear every day like your wedding rings). Mine actually hold my hair clips lol as I always take my jewellery off when I get home (but I know a lot of people wait until bedtime).

I've taken the above photos from these websites, definitely have a browse if this style is for you:

Then we have the classic jewellery box in which the lid lifts to show maybe a ring and earring section and possibly little separate boxes, you may also be able to lift this layer out or there maybe a drawer underneath. The one above I love as it looks like the classic jewellery box but is actually separate layers. You buy each layer to fit your growing jewellery collection, it also means you can pick the design you best need at the time. Here is the link to it...

Next was my favourite as a teenager… the upstanding jewellery boxes which have a glass door sometimes with stained glass. Behind this door has a hanging section for your necklaces. This box also has about 4 drawers with the bottom drawer normally set for rings and earrings. If you would like to see these in more detail then here is a couple of links:

The box above is a more modern take on this and I love it so I couldn't resist adding it, if you would like to investigate it further then just use this link - it's a great price too...

Then you have the large jewellery amoire ( I currently own one and just love it), It is a beautiful piece of furniture and you can get different styles depending on your rooms décor. Mine has large doors at each side which open up to allow you to hang necklaces or bracelets. The very top opens up which houses a mirror and a deep box to store some larger jewellery boxes. Below this there are lots of drawers, again one set aside for rings and earrings. I also turned another drawer into a ring drawer (as I have separate one for my gold and silver jewellery), you can do this by buying inserts for your drawers. While I was researching I found Wayfair to have lots, here is the link...

You can also get some fun space saving larger jewellery organisers such as the free standing mirror, it opens up to a slimline space which really does hold a lot, (Full-Length Mirror Multi-Functional Jewellery Storage Cabinet – FrissonHome), you can also get full length mirrors which you can attach to your wall which open up just like the free standing mirror. Just because you may be short on space doesn't mean you can't still have lots of jewellery!

I would love to know how you store your jewellery or if you have been inspired to purchase a new organiser?? I have to say It is a weakness of mine lol and I have many organisers!

Well that is all for this week, I will be back next week with some more jewellery chat. If you would like to have jewellery chat everyday then why not join my FB group, for the love of jewellery here. Or if would like to see what happens behind the scenes then why not follow us on IG here. If you would like to be first to hear about new collections or any offers then please do sign up for my newsletter (bottom of the page) you get 10% off your first order as a thank you.

Until next week, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle.

Katrina xx


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