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Christmas commission deadline!

Good morning and happy Monday my friends. My kids got the Smyths toy store catalogue in the post on Saturday and it really just hit me, that yes, we are on the count down to Christmas. I know I have mentioned the odd thing in my last couple of blog posts and newsletters but for some reason getting that catalogue in the post was the kick I needed to start making plans and deadlines for my business.

Royal Mail has yet to set their final posting days so I can’t give you this information yet, but once it becomes available I will post here in my blog, in my newsletters and on IG. I get the impression we all may need to be a bit more organised this year as we still are not out of the woods with covid!

One of the other biggest deadlines I need to make you all aware of is the commission deadline.

For those of you that know what type of jewellery you would like to buy someone special for Christmas but can’t see it in the shops or in websites, then this is the best way to make it come true. But it does take time as we want to get it right, so this involves a little bit of planning. This is a very special gift and the recipient will be very touched that you have taken the time to help design a piece of jewellery that you know they will love.

Maybe you have something special that you would like incorporated into a piece of jewellery that you know means something to a loved one, like a piece of sea glass found on a memorable walk together. Incorporating it into jewellery in this way will help keep those special memories close to someone’s heart.

So, I have two deadlines, one for commissions that need to be posted out, which is Monday November the 23rd and the next deadline is for commissions that can be collected, which is Monday the 7th of December. If you are thinking of this as a gift idea, then I urge you to start giving it some thought now.

If you are not looking for a commission piece of jewellery but you are looking for that one of a kind piece, then check out my collections. All pieces are unique, and I only make one of everything, so once it is gone, it’s gone. There are many pieces in my collections as well that are ideal for those stocking fillers so why not grab a cuppa and enjoy a browse of my on-line shop.

That’s all for today, I need to go now and start writing my own shopping list lol.

As always if you want to be the first to know about my offers and new collections then sign up to my newsletter now (you also get 10% off with your first order). Check me out on IG if you want to get some behind the scenes shots and daily updates.

Until next week folks, stay safe and take care.

Katrina xx


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