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How to make your very own autumn earrings in easy steps...

Happy Monday my friends, how is autumn treating you? Well, I’ve been out jumping in leaves with the littlest KL girlie and I’m just loving the colours, I can’t get enough of it. So today I would like to show you how to make your own autumnal coloured earrings in six easy steps…..

Tools: Flat nose pliers, side cutters and a bead mat.

1) Collect your materials : I’ve chosen gold as my colour: gold ear wires, 6 gold crimp beads, gold tiger tail wire and finally the beads – I went with sparkly browns and gold, I needed a seed bead to use before the crimp bead on the bigger beads as the holes were so big they came over the crimp when on lol.

2) Approx. 4cm of tiger tail for each earring (this will depend on personal preference), bend approx. in half so you can get the crimp bead on over both ends, move it close to the top making a small loop – at this stage check the length of both…would you like each layer to be the same length or have one shorter than the other like me? If so adjust before you crimp the crimp bead. To crimp place the crimp bead between flat nose pliers securely and give one big squash. Once crimped, give it a tug, if the wire doesn’t move your good to go but if it is moving give it another squish with the pliers and check again.

3) Next feed on your beads one wire at a time then finish with a crimp bead. I left a few mm between the end of the wire and the crimp bead to add extra dimension. Then do the same with the other wire.

4) Once beads are on both ends of the wire you can fit the ear wire. I’ve used fishhooks, turn the fish hook upside down and open the loop by pulling the open end towards yourself. Slide on the wire with the beads using the loop you made at the start then once secure push the loop of the fishhook closed.

5) That is one earring finished, now do the same with the next one.

6) Once finished, put them on and enjoy your new autumnal earrings made by you!

Well that’s all for this week folks, I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and go and make your very own autumnal earrings, if you do please post a photo in the comments we would all love to see them.

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Until next week, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle.

Katrina xx


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