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3 Reasons to buy pearls....

Hello my friends and Happy Mid June…..the birthstone of pearls. I absolutely love pearls and my birthday may not fall on the month of June but you would never know from looking at my jewellery collection. I have more pearl jewellery than any other gem stone. I want to share with you all why I think pearls are the best gem out there and why I think you should invest. I’m only giving you three reasons here but if let loose I could go on forever (I’m trying to reign myself in lol)!!!

First reason:

A reason that is close to my heart is it’s sustainability.

When compared to any other gemstone which needs to be mined, pearl sourcing is better for the environment. Mines cause a lot of environmental issue such as loss of habitat and biodiversity. Chemicals leech into the water supply/food chain and surrounding air supply and although I have never been into a mine, they do not have the best reputation of being safe. Also mined gems are not renewable.

Pearls on the other hand are renewable especially when obtained in a sustainable way such as how cultured pearls are. Cultured pearls are not machine heavy and are very labour intensive. Which means most of the work is done by hand so the workforce is big, creating jobs in coastal areas and in turn adding to the economy!

Second reason:

Pearls are the most versatile jewellery you can buy.

Did you know that pearls are regarded as fine jewellery jut like diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies? They always look elegant. They are a symbol of wealth, power, strength and fidelity! No matter what pearl jewellery you buy they have that classic vibe but that doesn’t mean they are boring…you can wear your pearls the old fashioned way for a more sophisticated style but likewise you can add that fun factor by layering your pearls with other pieces from your jewellery collection.

Third reason:

An heirloom piece to pass on to future generations.

Some pieces of jewellery can date…. their designs can feel old and if they have precious or semi-precious stones in the piece the cut may not be as modern as today’s making it feel dull. However pearl jewellery is timeless, it never dates plus it ages well. When I think of inherited jewellery I always think of pearls, possibly because I have myself inherited pearl jewellery and I wear it with pride. It looks like a piece you should be seeing in the market today. What I love about inherited jewellery is the stories that come with it, the jewellery feels alive! So the next time you wear your pearls don’t forget to hold on to those memories so you can share them.

For those of you that don’t own any pearl jewellery have I convinced you that you need to go shopping for some or put them on your Christmas list? I hope so! For those of you that already own pearl jewellery I would love to know your top reasons for buying them. If you had to convince someone with only one reason to buy pearls, what would it be? I would love to know in the comments below.

Well folks, that is all for today, I will be back next week with more jewellery chat…possibly pearls as I’m on a roll lol. If you would like to catch up in between then why not follow me on IG here or join my facebook group which is pure jewellery chat called ‘For the love of jewellery with Katrina Lucas’ click here. If you would like to be the first to find out about any offers and new collections then please do sign up to my newsletter (bottom of page) you get 10 % off as a thank you.

Until next week, keep communicating, stay safe and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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