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5 best jewellery care tips..

Hello and happy May my friends, we are now halfway through spring and approaching summer. I think with the layers coming off and the sun coming out now is a good reminder on how best to look after your jewellery.

There is a few basic rules that will keep your jewellery looking its best for years without needing to send it off for repolishing.

First tip:

Keep it stored in the original box it arrived in if you can. Now I do appreciate if you have lots of jewellery like me this may be hard lol. For my bigger pieces that I don’t wear every day I have them in a box at the bottom of my wardrobe (don't worry they are easily accessible). For smaller pieces that I wear a lot they are all in my jewellery box. I call it a jewellery box, but it is a chest in its own right. It’s tall and has lots of drawers. Most pieces are out of their original boxes and set nicely in organiser drawers, so they aren’t rubbing against other pieces of jewellery. Pieces I wear less often are kept inside their original boxes in the drawers. I also have a separate drawer for gold and silver.

Second tip:

Your jewellery should be the last item you put on before going out….that means after your perfume and hand cream, give them time to settle and dry in as well. Think of your jewellery as the Finishing Touch!

Third tip:

Your jewellery should be the first item you take off, if you notice it has a little bit of dirt on it then try and clean it with your jewellery cleaning cloth or a little bit of warm sopay water and a cotton cloth. Make sure it is fully dry before putting it back in its box.

Forth tip:

Do not wear your jewellery while at the gym/swimming pool/shower. Chlorine and other chemicals can tarnish your jewellery (mostly silver) and may have irreversible affects on some gemstones. This also goes for sun creams, I try not to wear necklaces or bracelets if I have sun cream on, instead I opt for statement earrings.

Fifth tip:

If you have strings of jewels that you wear regularly (e.g. pearls) get them restrung every year if you can. You don’t want it to nip and loose any of your gems.

All jewellery bought from us comes with it’s own box inside a pouch and with a jewellery polishing cloth so you can keep it safe and clean. You can also organise for a full polish if your feel your jewellery isn’t sparkling enough for you, all you need to do is drop us an email.

Well, I would love to know in the comments below if you follow these rules yourself or if you just have one tub that houses all your pieces?

That is all for this week folks, I hope there was some helpful hints in there, after all you are looking after your jewellery for the next generation!

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Until next week, keep communicating, stay safe and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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