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5 must have earring styles everyone should own!

Well happy April my friends, can you believe we are now easing out of lockdown? I’ve actually had tea in the garden with friends. You know what? It was the first time in ages I ironed clothes and got excited about dressing up and putting my jewellery on. But it turned out that it is still a bit cold for sitting in the garden so you need to wrap up warm. Not very much is on display so after that first meeting I realised that earrings was the way forward to make a statement as it is warm enough to ditch the hat and scarf. Which leads me to today’s post….

The five must have top earring styles everyone should own……let’s get started!

Hoops, these are a must in every jewellery box. They are worn by women all around the world and are one of the oldest earring styles. Why have they never gone out of style? Well it’s because they are empowering and are a sign of strength. The circle symbolizes unity, infinity and togetherness! They are the ultimate power earring….. add a pearl and you have given it a classic Grace Kelly look.

The next on my list is the Studs …… we all need some Studs in our life 😉 am I right? Sometimes we need our jewellery to be subtle but noticeable. Like when small children are about…they can fairly grab the dangle earrings….ow! Or maybe you are going for an important meeting and don’t want to be over the top in bling but subtle and sophisticated!

How about studs with dangles? You can feel the security of the stud backing in your ear but have the fun that you get with dangles. It is easier to get more subtle and delicate dangles with studs too….. come and have a look!

Dangles…..these are my favourite, they can bring so much fun or sophistication to an outfit depending on what you are looking for. There are so many styles to choose from you will never be stuck for choice. These are my go-to in the summer time, why? Well because when it’s hot and you have your sun cream on, necklaces are not a good choice so I always make up for it in my earrings (check out my beach style earrings here). Or what about when you are going to a wedding and you are looking for a bit of added sparkle but not too dramatic? Then you will find subtle and delicate pieces here.

My last must have are threads….these are fairly new on the earring scene, they are delicate and allow you to adjust the length to suit yourself. They transform easily from daytime jewellery into nighttime going out jewellery!

Well how many of these styles have you got in your jewellery box? If you have all of the above you will find yourself with earrings for all occasions!

That is all for this week folks, I look forward to coming back next week with more jewellery chat. If you would like to stay up to date with what happens here at KL jewellery designs then you can do so on IG here. To be the first to hear all about any offers or new collections coming out then please do sign up for my newsletter (bottom of the page), you get 10% off your first order as a thank you!

Well until next week, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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