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Forever Jewellery for the kids this Christmas

Morning and happy Monday, it is a grey, wet day here in Belfast. But the kids got their tree up yesterday (the main tree will follow but maybe not before December) and they are all bizz, it is infectious. They are just talking decorations and of course gifts. Which has led me on to today’s blog post.

As a child I used to get jewellery, my earliest memory was at age 7, now I don’t have those pieces (but the memories are still there), but I do have pieces that followed. They really did make an impact. I can tell you who bought them, when I got them and they make me feel those warm and fuzzy feelings from a long time ago. I always wore my jewellery, I would hide it as best I could under my uniform at school. You know that saying ‘I only wear jewellery with days ending in a Y’ well that is me, even to this day!

As you can imagine my kids are similar and I know they are not the only ones. So, if you are looking to give a child a forever piece of jewellery this Christmas then look no further, for I have some pieces that I made with kids in mind. Each piece is unique just like the one you are buying for.

Here are a few of them, feel free to click on the pic to take you directly to that item or browse all on my website.

Well my friends that’s all for today, but I will be back on Friday with what it means to buy eco-friendly gifts plus some examples. If you would like to keep up to date daily with what happens behind the scenes here then please do follow me on IG@katrinalucasjewellerydesigns, plus if you would like to take advantage of my 12 days of Christmas offers then please do sign up for my newsletter as they are only available here. Until next week stay safe and keep on sparkling.

Katrina xx


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