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Summer Jewellery Must Haves...

Hello my friends, how is your summer going? Are you taking advantage of life opening up again by getting yourself out and about? I think it has taken me longer than I thought but I’m there now. I’m planning more outings and looking forward to it.

The big question for the summer after 'where is open?' Is, 'which jewellery is best to wear in the summer heat?' With global warming, even us here in the UK are having warmer summers and if the sun doesn’t come out, it is still hot and muggy, you know the weather that makes you think I should have worn less/lighter clothes and that applies to jewellery too. When you are feeling hot and sticky, even rings can feel heavy and restrictive am I right?

So what's the solution?......

Barely there jewellery! I may be the only person in the world to call it this but it sums up what I feel. I want to wear jewellery but not feel like I’m wearing it. I want something light that doesn’t have much movement. But it still needs to be striking enough to get noticed and make me feel good. I think necklaces that sit around your collar bone fit the bill. You don’t need one with too much on it, either a light chain or fine beads with maybe a focal point. I feel these transfer well from daytime jewellery to nighttime jewellery. If you want a bit more you could layer it with other longer necklaces.

What if even a necklace is a bit much, how do you still get your sparkle? Well…..earrings! The beauty of earrings is that they don’t really come into contact with sun cream and there are so many different styles to choose from. Studs are great if you don’t like the feel of a dangly earring and you can buy nice little subtle studs or sparkly ones. Or if like me the dangly earring helps give you a swing in your step there is a huge variety out there. I especially love ones with lots of sparkle and extra dangles!

You might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned bracelets, anklets and rings. These areas of the body tend to swell in the heat so I avoid any jewellery here. But if you’re luckier than I am then I suggest light chain or beaded bracelets and anklets as for rings maybe get a ring that doesn’t meet at the ends as this can give you a bit more room for expansion.

Well that’s all for this week I would love for you to share what your favourite jewellery pieces to wear during the summer are and if you have any go to pieces that you think we should all have as part of our summer wardrobe.

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Until next week stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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