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Why choose sea glass jewellery….

Happy mid-March my friends. The weather is picking up and I’m back out sea glass hunting. Why? I hear you ask. Well, this is something I started doing with my family in 2019 (oh the memories we have created). We started spotting some beautiful pieces of frosted, very round smooth glass while looking for shells and of course we couldn’t resist so we started collecting these little treasures from the sea as well. After doing my research we discovered that these pieces were called sea glass or mermaids tears or beach jewels or sea gems. I like sea gems the most as this is what they remind me off…all those beautiful colours glistening in the sun look exactly like gems.

They are pieces of glass which can be traced back to bottles, tableware, taillights from cars etc. and have made their way into our oceans either by being dumped there directly (yes people used to just dump rubbish over the sides of the boat) or indirectly. After many years in the ocean the sea glass gets broken up into smaller pieces, they are rolled and tumbled in the waves which gives them their rounded shape. The chemicals in the ocean along with the tumbling help to give it its frosted, smooth appearance.

I do believe that after all the years of being tumbled in the ocean that each piece of sea glass has stored up this energy and it’s waiting to be transferred to you! Also, the smoothness of the glass is very comforting, I have found myself rubbing my sea glass necklace in times of stress (mostly from homeschooling).

Collecting sea glass is also removing it from the beaches so it won’t make it back into the ocean. I love knowing that I’m preventing the pieces from potentially hurting our marine life. But I feel these gems need to be treasured so it is important for me to recycle them and give them a new lease of life!

Sustainability is important to me and my business, so I have encased my handmade sea glass jewellery in recycled fine silver and in the case of my long dangle sea glass earrings they are 100% recycled as the sterling silver ear wire is made from recycled sterling silver.

Sea Glass is little gems of the sea which we are recycling as a beautiful piece of jewellery that can help with calming and transferring energy to you. These sea gems help you to stay connected to the sea at those times when you are missing it and not able to visit.

Well, that is all for today, I hope I have piqued your interest in sea glass jewellery and helped you find a way to stay connected to the sea. If you would like to see what happens here daily at KL jewellery designs then do follow me on IG here. Also, if you would like to be the first to get notified about any new offers and collections, then please do sign up to my newsletter (bottom of page), you receive a 10% off code with your fist purchase.

Until next week, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle.

Katrina xx


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