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Gold versus Silver

Happy Monday my friends, we are reaching the end of April and I’m in full summer vibe mode.

This has been a strange month for me commission wise. I normally get asked for silver pieces (this could be due to the fact that most of my pieces are made using silver). However, this month I’ve had more gold commissions than silver. This got me thinking, is it just the season…gold summer vibes or is gold jewellery on the increase?

As a jewellery maker I make more silver pieces than gold as it is more affordable. I do have a gold collection using gold filled jewellery (more on this later) however every now and then people do ask me to make 9ct gold jewellery! Gold is lovely to work with…but it is just so expensive (I am taking note on what you want).

Why wear silver jewellery?

I think the colour of your jewellery is a personal choice but sometimes it really does come down to affordability. You get more for your money with silver. If you like statement pieces then silver is the cheaper option but that is not to say it is a cheaper material! Silver will last a lifetime. It can discolour but that is easily fixed getting it polished (I supply a polishing cloth with all your orders but if that isn’t good enough you can always contact me to organise for your piece to get a full polish).

Why buy gold filled jewellery?

I currently sell gold filled jewellery, as a cheaper option to 9ct gold jewellery. Why not gold plated? Gold plated jewellery is made using a base metal (normally sterling silver, brass or nickel) which is covered in a fine layer of 9ct (unless it states otherwise), the gold is 0.05% of its total weight. Gold filled is a similar process only in has many layers of 9ct (sometimes I buy 14ct) gold layered on top. It can be as many as 30-50 layers (or a thick sheet of gold), making up 5% of the total weight, so it can last up to 30 years without tarnishing or longer. This gives people a more affordable choice than 9ct gold but still gives you the glorious golden colour which will last a long time.

Why buy 9ct gold jewellery?

9ct gold is 37.5% gold. When people talk about heirloom pieces they normally talk about gold (however I think any jewellery piece despite the metal type can be a heirloom piece), it is seen as a good investment. Gold can be sold to jewellery makers to melt down or you can find a jeweller that will melt down your piece and design a new piece for you using or incorporating your gold into your design. Gold has gotten very expensive and it is not thought that the price will decrease anytime soon. So it really is an investment and a big treat to use/buy.

How about mixed jewellery?

What about using sterling silver mixed with gold? Two tone? Well I actually own a fair bit of this myself but for some reason I haven’t made any pieces (I’m currently designing pieces in my head as I type). I’m not quite sure why as I love the mix of both. Growing up you only wore one colour and I think even to this day most people still do but with the price of gold being so expensive I think this is an alternative way to incorporate gold into your design without the big price tag. What do you think?

Using recycled materials…

I am a big fan of using recycled materials! Why? Gold and silver both recycle well. Once they are melted down, they do not lose any of their properties and can be melted down over and over again. This means that mining is not needed which has major health benefits for the local land and people that live near the mines. I have recently started selling pieces that are made from only 100% recycled silver and my latest gold commission used 100% recycled gold. I love that there is a sustainable option for jewellery and that you can have piece of mind when you buy a piece that you are becoming part of the environmental solution not problem!

Well that is all for this weeks folks, I would love to know more about you gold and silver preferences, please drop a comment below.

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Until next week, stay safe, keep communicating and always sparkle!

Katrina xx


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